FENCE FINISH® Trim Panels (patented) are Australian made from Colorbond® and are designed to fit perfectly to your fence to seal off the gaps and give you the privacy, safety and practicality you need.

About us:


We are Fence Finish Industries, designers of Fence Finish® Trim Panels (patented).

We are based in Perth, Western Australia, and are pleased to be able to bring you the best, most practical and easy way to fill in the gaps under your Colorbond® fence and give it some designer style.

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Our Trim Panels are designed to be an easy to DIY, retro fittable solution to the gaps under your Colorbond® fence and the problems that can come from having them.

We make our panels in standard lengths to perfectly fit a standard Colorbond® fence panel width of 2350mm to 2400mm between fence posts. They are easily trimmed for shorter length fence sections and can be fitted together for longer sections.

Our Trim panels are made to suit all brands of Colorbond® fencing from Stratco, Fielders, Lysaght…

Fence Finish® Trim Panels are available in all Colorbond® fencing colours as they are made from the same material, so colour matching to your fence is not a problem, or you may choose to pick a different colour to give your fence a designer accent.

Benefits of Fence Finish® Trim Panels:

  • Easy to retrofit DIY

  • Keep your pets from escaping under your fence

  • Prevent your soil from washing out from under your paving

  • Keep pests, sand and rubbish from getting under your fence

  • keep your neighbour's weeds and mess out of your yard

  • Gives your fence some a nice clean design line style

  • An inexpensive solution for an effective result

  • Can be easily trimmed to sit against paving or walls

  • Fix the gap between the fence and the ground